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Graziano Notarangelo

Hi! I’m Graziano, and I am a photographer with over ten years’ experience in documentary wedding photography. I’m based in Monopoli (BA) and over the years, I had the privilege and pleasure of capturing moments of pure joy and profound love.

My passion for documentary photography stems from the belief that the most authentic and meaningful events in life deserve to be captured in a natural and spontaneous way. My main goal is to create a unique visual story for each couple, using my expertise and artistic sensitivity to immortalize the magical moments that make each wedding special.

Operating with a discreet and non-invasive approach, I strive to integrate myself into your special day, capturing significant details and spontaneous moments without interfering with the natural flow of events. My focus goes beyond conventional aspects, honing in on the emotions, expressions, and relationships that make a wedding an unforgettable experience.

For me, wedding documentary photography is more than a technical shot; it is a way of storytelling, creating an emotional archive that you can relive over the years. Your photos will not only be visual memories but also an authentic heritage of your day, with each image reflecting your distinctive style and special connection.

I am excited to work with couples who want to make their special day truly  unique. Each wedding is a particular experience, and my goal is to capture every single moment in a peculiar way, ready to be shared with future generations.

Graziano Notarangelo Wedding Photographer


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