Graziano Notarangelo Fotografo
Graziano Notarangelo Fotografo - Paesaggi Giappone

Nature was able (and still does) to transmit mixed emotions to me and often a stormy sea or a peaceful valley helped me to communicate my state of mind to those around me. … even to understand it most of the time.

Graziano Notarangelo Fotografo Matrimoni Puglia - Ritratti

Graziano Notarangelo Fotografo Matrimoni Puglia - Ritratti

Landscapes were the first form of language that brought me closer to this wonderful art, full of facets ... however as I matured I discovered how the presence of the human in those same shots manages to inspire me an even deeper sense of involvement, an empathy up to unknown at the time. In this way I approached the world of portraits; the complicity of the looks, the charm of the hands that intertwine, the furrows drawn by the wrinkles of my grandparents in all the shots I dedicated to them let me explore and try to understand the human soul through my camera.

Graziano Notarangelo Fotografo Puglia - Maternità

The maternity of my partner and my son's eyes prompted me in a very natural way to explore the world of pregnancy photography and newborn photography that I never miss an opportunity to study and deepen.

In a very natural way... by merging all these elements: I like to know the future spouses and create a connection with them, I think it is essential to be able to grasp the most authentic aspects of the love that binds them, without poses, fictions or situations that are not spontaneous. For this reason, my presence (and that of my team) during the wedding day will be constant but very discreet, without interfering in an intrusive way in the sequence of events: I will always be there, but you will not notice me: so that YOU can live every moment deeply... and I would be able to catch them. I love to find, during every wedding a new family, small or large, but always colourful and full of warmth, and being part of it (even just for one day) plunging myself in those colours is always an honour as well as a unique point of view from which to observe the newlyweds.

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