February 17, 2022

I have loved Japanese culture unconditionally since I was a child. Every aspect of the mentality and habits that characterize this land fascinates me. Therefore, as well as having studied its history and traditions, as soon as I could I started visiting it! In 2005 my first trip to this beautiful island, which lasted 30 days in which I travelled the length and breadth of the central area of the island, in 2015 the second (a little shorter: 15 days) during which I stopped in the south area.

My way of experiencing travel, as you will imagine, is very simple: backpack, camera and tripod! I had the privilege of visiting places of historical interest, I was moved by photographing the ruins of Hiroshima and the Genbaku Dome; I admired the strength and courage to get up and rebuild not just an entire city, but the spirit of the whole nation. I was fascinated by metropolises like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, so deeply different but joint by centuries of common history that led them to evolve in opposite directions.

I promised myself to be inspired by the Japanese attitude in any path I take: organization, reliability, commitment, punctuality, teamwork and a supreme propensity to improve by welcoming everyone’s opinion with great humility are the most important baggage I brought with me from this travel and that accompanying my every step.