Photographing love: an emotional story on elopement in Puglia

May 26, 2023

The elopement is an intimate and emotional type of wedding that often takes place in suggestive places and outside the traditional schemes. On this occasion, a couple from Germany chose the Carlo V Castle in Monopoli as the location for a romantic and evocative wedding.

I had the pleasure of capturing moments of pure happiness and love and of blending the atmosphere of Puglia, between the sea and historic architecture, with the enthusiasm and sympathy of my spouses, creating unique and precious shots. This experience made me understand how the elopement can be the perfect choice for those who want an intimate and personalized wedding to be shared with only a few close friends.

The Carlo V Castle, with its majestic ancient walls, has given an aura of magic and suggestion to this couple of lovers inebriated by the charm of Puglia. Their emotions were the absolute protagonists of this extraordinary wedding, in which the simplicity and authenticity of the people blended harmoniously with the beauty and elegance of the location.

Between the streets of the historic center of Monopoli and the breathtaking view of the sea, the couple swore eternal love in a marriage which was followed by surprises and moments of emotion. It was not necessary to have special guests or pomp, because the energy of their love illuminated everything around them.



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