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Marco & Arianna

The Wonderful Wedding of Marco and Arianna in Andria: A Day to Remember

A Dreamy Ceremony at the Immacolata Church

Celebrating Love at Palazzo Arnieci

Hello everyone! Today, I’m thrilled to share with you the beautiful story of Marco and Arianna’s wedding in Andria. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with love, emotions, and beauty!

The long-awaited day has finally arrived. Marco and Arianna have chosen to unite their lives in marriage, and Andria couldn’t have been a more perfect backdrop for their celebration of love.

The ceremony took place in the charming Immacolata Church, where the couple exchanged their vows of eternal love. Marco and Arianna’s radiant happiness made this moment even more special, and there wasn’t a dry eye among the friends and family witnessing the occasion.

Following the ceremony, we gathered at the magnificent Palazzo Arnieci for the reception. Here, amidst laughter, embraces, and joyful music, we celebrated Marco and Arianna’s love in an atmosphere of pure bliss. The evening was nothing short of magical, with each moment becoming a cherished memory to hold onto forever.

Reflecting on that unforgettable day, I am reminded of the profound privilege it was to be part of Marco and Arianna’s journey. Their love shone through in every gesture, every glance, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have shared in their joy on this special day.

Graziano Notarangelo Wedding Photographer


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